Thursday, July 16, 2015

Part time parent

I know people who are part time parents. They do it artfully and you know you are one when:

1)The daily modicum does not bother you. Children grow on their own is your motto!
2)It does not matter whether you speak with the children or not. They are there like your favorite potted plant.
3)Their fears or phobias do not matter. Somebody else is handling it.
4) It is even more better if there is no financial involvement. The other parent is taking care of it. After all I paid with my sperms!!!!!
5)The thought that someday when children grow up, they come sniffing after  the money so how does the growing years matter.
6) When children become adults, therapists can successfully change how they think about their part time parent.
7) You admonish more and love less.
8)You know the children dislike you but the part time parent has to QED that quality time is important and not the quantity.
9)Your heart does not tug at you when your child is ill. The other sucker parent is sitting up tending!!!
10) At the end of the day the children do not remember who gave and who took!!!!


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