Monday, October 13, 2014

I meet you!

I think I met the you in you, I said matter of factly,
How did you find me? he asked incredulously!

walked a little bit here and a little bit there, I said not definitely

and? he prodded,

read the road signs carefully, I said cautiously
Have you reached the dead end? he asked dismally

No, I replied cheerfully
he looked at me surprised

I started from the dead end, I said pompously!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Of Moon light
On a dark horse
Galloping towards
The sea
In a haste to meet
It's end....

The end
Waiting below the horizon
To begin

Sunday, September 14, 2014


They all stood bent,
pulling the green paddy
from the water of a south west monsoon...
a song on their lips
a glint in their eyes
unfazed by the sun
their hands moved on.....

brushing the sweat with ease
they worked with poise
and a candour
that was unchained.

they would break from work soon
to partake a meal
below the huge timeless tree
and laugh and sing.

while i sit in melancholy
and hope to laugh

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aqua lit

the blue river,
snakes through ,
pushing the green algae,

over the white stones
where the fish play their little
fishy games,

and the sand shifts uncomfortably,
to show the homes
of tiny crabs

snails and shells
trail of insects
force in the little

set me free
between the corals
now my abode......


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Do you remember?
the scent I wore ,
the chignon,
the sound of my
bangles and anklets,
the splendour of my earring,
I forgot...........

Let us remember again.............

Monday, August 25, 2014

Perfect Murder


On a clinical hospital bench,

I sat waiting,

For the end,

To begin,

An all pervading antiseptic odor

Not worse than the smell

Of death,

A genetic movement in my womb,

A chance for me to play


To roll the dice,

As I was wheeled in,

Sodium Penthonal

The perfect deliverer from torture,


A trip to no man’s land,

Will I be back?

I don’t know,

Do I care?


I haven’t drowned in the mystery of your eyes,

Or seen the first snow flake of this winter.

A scalpel that scrapped my inner lining,

But refused to erode my spirit,

Some blood, some tissue and no concern

Were emptied

From one vessel to another,

Living to stainless steel.

A journey,

From conception to death,

I looked closely at the mass,

Trying to find me,

It is a lie,

There is nothing of me

For I don’t die easily.


This was a perfect murder.

Groggily I walk out

The sun’s rays hitting me,

And I wonder,

Why sodium penthonal is always not available/

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My loss!

Today is a humid day here.
I planned to wear a top that needed a strapless bra. Wow! The one that I purchased from Lafayette for 120 Eur would come handy today!!!!
I opened my drawer where these things are kept with more care than I would my jewels. I searched gently and then I panicked on not finding it.  I behaved expectedly. Began throwing everything around but nada!

And then mausi came with my tea. Mausi is my help, physician, confidante and philosopher. Mausi hails from a rural village of Chhapra, Bihar! Like the many, she and her husband migrated to this city many years ago. And she has been with us!

Kya dhoond rahi ho? (what are you looking for?), she asked in a strong accent
Tum nahin samjhongi, (you will not understand). I said dismissively.
Paehle se hi tay kiya? (You have prematurely concluded), she said philosophically.

I showed her another strapless one and said there was another one like this. Did you see it?

She sighed.
Maine ek garib ko de di, she said
KYA. (WHAT), I screamed.
'Tum kamati ho, tumhara gharwala kamata hain aur yeh bin handle wala, fata pehenti ho?, (you are earning, your husband is earning and yet you wear torn clothes?
I was hysterical. I cried! I wailed!I kicked!!!
Kanjoos kahin ki (miser that you are). she said like a sour puss and walked away!

If you see any garib with a strapless peach Victoria Secret bra that is mine!!!!!! But be assured that she will look great!!!!And maybe feels great too!!!

I am sure Gudiya is reading this and laughing....Grrrr!!!Grrr!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I wish I could.....

I wish I could read music
I wish I could paint like Monet
I wish I could dance like Isadora
I wish I could emote like Ghalib
I wish I could be more dervish like,
I wish I could bake like Racheal
I wish I could master the art of writing Haiku
I wish I could read Hindi more fluently ( so that I can read Uncle's books)
I wish I could think in Spanish
I wish I could decide which version of Carmen is better (endless debates with Chetan)
I wish somebody wrote Anna Karenina in an abridged version.
I wish I had a personal jeweller who would recreate for me trinkets worn by the characters of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya.
At the moment I wish I could break the handi that these men are struggling to break for the past two hours.....
I  wish that I always have wishes....
Raison d'etre

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why not good looking men?

So the boss man wants to have presentable women in the team in a back-office function. Presentable women means not obese, not balding, no jutting teeth yada yada yada.
Surprisingly the feminist in me did not revolt!
I thought why cannot I have good looking men in the team. Why have I to be around bald, pot bellied, out-of-shape men?
I need a gora chitta munda from Delhi!!!WIth drooping eyes! and fair skin! and a punjabi accented English!!!
It is okay if he has no brains....I have enough of them......
His job would be to add glamour to the team, stand in the exhibition booth and placate irritated women customers!!!

And that is my agenda for the meeting with the boss man!!!!!!

Oye! tussi kithe ho?


Yesterday I laundered my clothes,
Trichroloethanised your smell and touch,
The volatiles mingled in the little shop
where the burning coals eased creases,
and a young lad from hinterland hummed raunchy tunes ,

when you have the time,
and want to meet yourself,

come over to the little laundry.....
a little bit of you is still there!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Socialist space!

At last I work in a space that would have been Marx"s delight. All are Managers and Presidents!
Marxism thrives!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mediocrity or am I snooty?

So, we have shifted to this fancy steel and chrome place! The office. We worked with a small team in a small office and now we are in the midst of humanity in a largish place.
It is fine!
So what am I peeved about?
Corporate's inability to take care of creativity and ensure that it does not slip slide into the trap of mediocrity.
And that is my inherent fear. The routine. The monotone.
A typical day:
 I received a call from the verbal diarrhoea department.
She: Hi , I am X
Me: Hey!
She: What size T shirt do you wear?
Me: Silent.(not sure if this Q is for me or she is asking someone around)
She: You know...what size like M, large or small. When you go to buy.....
Me: Quiet.(Of course cretin I know about sizes)
She: does not know that tees for me are a chapter in the book of fashion. I wear boyfriend tees over my tights, slightly form fitting for a game, little loose for lounging. always a Benneton for that simple elegant look, Anthropologie for that sexy but casual look and so on and so forth....
She: I think it must be a medium. (boldly).
 I like her style. She has a future in forecasting
Me: UhUh...Huh yes.
She: That would be size 40(smugly). ( I know sizes and the numbers)
Me (thinking): Whatever!
Me (saying): Yes. (almost enthusiastically)
 SHe: OK( with a finality of buying a strait jacket)
I wonder what will I be made to do with my M size, 40 tee. More regimentalisation coming or is checking sizes of tees her fetish!!!!

Disclaimer: The above post is  a figment of my imagination.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Trapped in the curves of the parentheses,

The question mark always a noose around my neck,

I felt like the dot in the exclamation,

Exuberant but wanting to break free!

The quotes caressing every word

 Wanting  to escape to the syntax

And then, I know.

I am looking for the perfect sentence.



Ends it all!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Do not look at me,
do not talk to me,
do not think of me,

It could be FATAL.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nikki Giovanni- my favourite!!!!

I am hooked on to Nikki's writing. Laltu mentioned her to me  and that is how I knew of her.
Simple yet so thought provoking.......
I love the ones from
Do read them!!!!!






Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fascination of no use!

your eyes
speckled with blue
fascinate me
i wish to know the secrets it holds
the passion it can unleash......
you will not let me in your threshold
and I will not let you in mine....
and so surely we
Die happily ever after........

Monday, April 21, 2014


I always write when i am in Goa! Goa brings out words that I thought I never knew! The red earth, blue sky and the rusticity appeals to the creative in me.I am happy that the twins LOVE Goa too!!! Another one.......

The silver fish wriggled for life,
The scales shone too bright,
the gills beat with vigor,
The hook was firmly in place,
bleeding the fish,
Brown rice cooked in an earthen vessel in a thatched home,
Paulo had a catch and a smile!