Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why not good looking men?

So the boss man wants to have presentable women in the team in a back-office function. Presentable women means not obese, not balding, no jutting teeth yada yada yada.
Surprisingly the feminist in me did not revolt!
I thought why cannot I have good looking men in the team. Why have I to be around bald, pot bellied, out-of-shape men?
I need a gora chitta munda from Delhi!!!WIth drooping eyes! and fair skin! and a punjabi accented English!!!
It is okay if he has no brains....I have enough of them......
His job would be to add glamour to the team, stand in the exhibition booth and placate irritated women customers!!!

And that is my agenda for the meeting with the boss man!!!!!!

Oye! tussi kithe ho?

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