Thursday, April 28, 2016

The relevance of Kanhaiya kumar and Umar Khalid

Suddenly this country witnessed the birth of three young men,

Kanhaiya Kumar
Umar Khalid
Anirban Banerjee.

The above three are students of JNU, a prestigious university. There was a meeting organised outside the JNU and a video floated with masked guys shouting anti INDIA  slogans. They were leaders of student bodies.

The above three were arrested on grounds of sedition.
Lets forget the legality of the case, however, the country was caught in a debate of nationalism.
The three were released subsequently. There was no matter to keep them in jail.
The system made errors. But the young men stood ground.

Kanhaiya made a speech that once again gave us goose bumps. And made us question why we keep quiet when we are beaten badly

Manuvaad se aazadi
Poonjivaad se aazadi
Brahmanvaad se aazadi
Sanghvaad se aazadi
Bhookhmari se aazadi.

Hats off to you, guys!!!

Jai Hind!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

She strikes again......

Vapidity excels at this.
Monday morning she calls the Singer and says, You have not been answering P Freud's call over the weekend. Put in your papers'
I like Vapidity's style. Like a James Bond. 
The Singer is a toughie and came to the bird.
The bird had a little chat with Vapidity.

1) What if Singer takes a drastic step? Vapidity is in the gaol then.
2)Where is Vapidity's soft skill. Handling humans is the prerequisite of her department.
3)The bird gently reminded Vapidity that the Singer is not Sabina.

The bird had a chat with the Emperor.
'People in power have also the power to be compassionate, the bird told the Emperor. Grace and elegance in crisis is the hallmark of leaders,
This country performed the last rites for Kasab, a known terrorist. That is our compassion.

On a side note, wonder why the Pastor is not hauled. Somebody is saving his butt. And why is he not asking the Singer to resign.
Pastor and his ilk have to be straightened up. But then the bird was reminded that the Pastor belonged to the Royal Circus of Monkeys. And this circus is immune to all the tests of idiocy and sycophancy.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Chirp Chirp chirp the bird has to fly away!!!!


Friday, April 15, 2016

What is happening in the Empire???

Yesterday I was rushing to leave when I saw two women wearing long white overcoats (like that of doctors) carrying cartons.

They had their eyes downcast and looked like members of the vampire kingdom. No smile and no twinkle in their eye!
My imagination ran wild and I could see human offal in the cartons. Maybe thats what they do. There must be a secret morgue on the top. And these people must be dissecting cadavers.

Ah! then I realized. These poor creatures come from the place where there is no smoke and people. Our much coveted space of brain work that has not created even a safety pin. Such waste make the bird weep.
Demolish what you do not need!
The next question why are these creatures moving like undertaker's sidekick.

I must ask Goldfish.

And the most creative person is leaving the Empire

Dear Blog,
I am feeling not too good. Santana is leaving the Empire. A hard worker , strong value system and a keen sense of music.
A rock star who loves his mother to bits.
I could sense his awe of Che( which developed right in front  of me). He was a sponge. He lapped on to my little knowledge of movies and very soon became a Pilger fan.

Chicken Pattice made by his uncle found way to my table. Tales of an Aunty who made the best fish curry and vindaloo  got my digestive juices running.
He is a combination of a Protestant and Catholic marriage and is baptized twice.
When I would profess my anti ritualistic sermons he would listen patiently agreeing to points.
According to me, it this value that will take him far in life. Not being dogmatic and assimilating, what seems right, even though you felt otherwise.

I knew his band members through him. The fear of losing his lead singer ( i think) to marriage or having to sing a Bollywood song was visible.

Go on, in life! Carpe Diem! Kill them all!
And I know you will feel good hearing this from a non believer, May God always be with you!.