Friday, April 15, 2016

And the most creative person is leaving the Empire

Dear Blog,
I am feeling not too good. Santana is leaving the Empire. A hard worker , strong value system and a keen sense of music.
A rock star who loves his mother to bits.
I could sense his awe of Che( which developed right in front  of me). He was a sponge. He lapped on to my little knowledge of movies and very soon became a Pilger fan.

Chicken Pattice made by his uncle found way to my table. Tales of an Aunty who made the best fish curry and vindaloo  got my digestive juices running.
He is a combination of a Protestant and Catholic marriage and is baptized twice.
When I would profess my anti ritualistic sermons he would listen patiently agreeing to points.
According to me, it this value that will take him far in life. Not being dogmatic and assimilating, what seems right, even though you felt otherwise.

I knew his band members through him. The fear of losing his lead singer ( i think) to marriage or having to sing a Bollywood song was visible.

Go on, in life! Carpe Diem! Kill them all!
And I know you will feel good hearing this from a non believer, May God always be with you!.

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