Monday, March 16, 2015

you smoothened the creased map with your forearm,
while I blew at my tea
and watched
your finger trace the coastline
from Mercara
along the blue Arabian sea
it stopped for a moment
at Cannanore
and then traced the paddy fields
all along
to the wooden granaries in old homes,
where memories and grannies jostle by the side,


do you know?

The need to know

Why you want to

Fuck me

my mother

my sister

my grandmother

my aunt

every female

That I know

when you want to score a point,

Have I missed a step

In your evolution

Or is it that I have moved up



By life"s motion.

The survivor.

Oh! how are you?

He asks his eyes pained

My torn lips tremble

breasts ache in pain

And eyelids droop in shame

He prods and probes

Like a  stranger

I read too much into his lines

I did not have an orgasm, I say

If that is what you want to know.

I sense heavy

Unasked questions

I am taking a metro

Getting to work, having my espresso,and my favourite croissant I have always Been a survivor .

His eyes pained and lips trembled

But he did not hold me

nor turn back

When he shut the door.

I am again alone

A soliloquy

Monotone and monochrome.


The rape

The violation of my body begins

when you rip my vagina apart

Without my consent

And without consulting my heart.


The violation of my mind begins

When you impose laws

conditions and sanction

And my freedom you ration.


My index finger raises

to point

My perpetrator

His penis or his hands

I do not fear.


I know I am the creator

And a survivor

I cannot be vanquished

Stamped or tramped


For I carry the seed 

And so I can end this show

Lest you forget

I have the power to reap and sow!

A woman!

Give me a shovel,

I will make a farm.

Give me a pen

I will write poetry

Give me a scalpel

I.will save lives

Give me a foot square

I will make bridges

Give me a day in court

I will serve justice

Give me a baton

I will maintain law

Give me a cradle

I will rock it

Give me a man

I will love him

Give me a life

I will live it....


That is who I am!