Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My loss!

Today is a humid day here.
I planned to wear a top that needed a strapless bra. Wow! The one that I purchased from Lafayette for 120 Eur would come handy today!!!!
I opened my drawer where these things are kept with more care than I would my jewels. I searched gently and then I panicked on not finding it.  I behaved expectedly. Began throwing everything around but nada!

And then mausi came with my tea. Mausi is my help, physician, confidante and philosopher. Mausi hails from a rural village of Chhapra, Bihar! Like the many, she and her husband migrated to this city many years ago. And she has been with us!

Kya dhoond rahi ho? (what are you looking for?), she asked in a strong accent
Tum nahin samjhongi, (you will not understand). I said dismissively.
Paehle se hi tay kiya? (You have prematurely concluded), she said philosophically.

I showed her another strapless one and said there was another one like this. Did you see it?

She sighed.
Maine ek garib ko de di, she said
KYA. (WHAT), I screamed.
'Tum kamati ho, tumhara gharwala kamata hain aur yeh bin handle wala, fata pehenti ho?, (you are earning, your husband is earning and yet you wear torn clothes?
I was hysterical. I cried! I wailed!I kicked!!!
Kanjoos kahin ki (miser that you are). she said like a sour puss and walked away!

If you see any garib with a strapless peach Victoria Secret bra that is mine!!!!!! But be assured that she will look great!!!!And maybe feels great too!!!

I am sure Gudiya is reading this and laughing....Grrrr!!!Grrr!!!

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