Friday, July 25, 2014

Mediocrity or am I snooty?

So, we have shifted to this fancy steel and chrome place! The office. We worked with a small team in a small office and now we are in the midst of humanity in a largish place.
It is fine!
So what am I peeved about?
Corporate's inability to take care of creativity and ensure that it does not slip slide into the trap of mediocrity.
And that is my inherent fear. The routine. The monotone.
A typical day:
 I received a call from the verbal diarrhoea department.
She: Hi , I am X
Me: Hey!
She: What size T shirt do you wear?
Me: Silent.(not sure if this Q is for me or she is asking someone around)
She: You know...what size like M, large or small. When you go to buy.....
Me: Quiet.(Of course cretin I know about sizes)
She: does not know that tees for me are a chapter in the book of fashion. I wear boyfriend tees over my tights, slightly form fitting for a game, little loose for lounging. always a Benneton for that simple elegant look, Anthropologie for that sexy but casual look and so on and so forth....
She: I think it must be a medium. (boldly).
 I like her style. She has a future in forecasting
Me: UhUh...Huh yes.
She: That would be size 40(smugly). ( I know sizes and the numbers)
Me (thinking): Whatever!
Me (saying): Yes. (almost enthusiastically)
 SHe: OK( with a finality of buying a strait jacket)
I wonder what will I be made to do with my M size, 40 tee. More regimentalisation coming or is checking sizes of tees her fetish!!!!

Disclaimer: The above post is  a figment of my imagination.

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