Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My daughters, fearless and frank.

Last night was a humid and sultry one. The rains have deserted Mumbai . The greens of my garden longed for water from the skies.
I was up reading and writing. Writing to create the fate of my characters and playing God.  The cuckoo from my clock came out and cried two times. It was 2 am in the morning!

Sleep still eluded me. The kids were sleeping in their room.
I felt the need to step out of my room and see if all was okay. Or if I were to hone in I would say that I felt someone moving around.
I walked out to see Aaliyah walking up to her room with a glass of water. All of eight years old. At 2 am she climbed down the stairs ( her room is at a level higher than the kitchen's) and reached the kitchen, She poured a glass of water for herself and walked back.
'I was thirsty, she explained.
When did this happen? She is not frightened of the dark. She did not want to disturb me. She represented to me growth. Two years ago the swaying palms in her balcony scared her and last year fictional characters from her favorite TV serial.
Today nobody can frighten her with ghosts or monsters or like.
When we were watching a movie on Helen Keller, Aaliyah said she did not want to watch the young Helen. The dramatization of the young Helen was painful. I thought Aaliyah was frightened.
She said that she was disturbed by a young girl who was impaired visually and could not hear as well.
She is growing up as a rational, fearless woman.
I am a proud mum....

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