Monday, June 27, 2016

Who is your Manager? Modern Mahabharata!!!

Types of Managers:

Dhritarashtra:  Blind. Totally. Guided by another and gives his expert opinions based on the narration. Not a doer.

Sanjay: A narrator of events. Makes no opinion. But knows who the boss is. Albeit blind.

Yudhistra: Thinks he is righteous. Follows the rule book. Risk taker. But the stakes may be questionable.

Arjuna: The model manager . Shoots to kill with his team and shares. A leftist. Shares everything.

Bhima: No subject knowledge. Flexes his muscles and tackles the situation.  If he wins he does or he falls flat.

Karna: The underdog. Never rewarded. Keeps crying at every forum. Takes the battle to the end. But never wins it. The end is always certain. He gets killed.

Duryodhan: The guy who will get his target at every cost. Damn values and people.

Bhishma:  The most knowledgeable man. But has not progressed . A lot of respect and all praises. Many may turn up at his retirement party.

Drona: The insecure manager. Will maim his subordinate to aid nepotism. Dangerous to work with

Krishna:  A strategic person. Will philosophize and also create illusions. May create SOPs


Draupadi: Has a gender benefit.  Arrogant. Does not put her foot down.  Capable of creating wars. And expects someone to rescue her always.

Come on, citizens of the Empire tell the bird who your manager is!!
Or has the bird missed any!

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