Monday, July 18, 2016

Female Empowerment

We, the women in INDIA are treated more shabbily than the ones in our neighboring countries.  And in work space its even worse.  Patriarchal hegemony from society enters the work place.
All sexual harassment must be taken seriously. There is no little or more harassment.
This post is a general pointer for you and me:

1) "You must increase your tolerance"- If anyone tells you this whilst you are discussing a violation that happened to you, please walk away. This person has no business to be talking to you. And report this person.
2) "Holding hands, hugging is okay"- Sorry, It may be ok for you. But not for me. I choose who I want to hold hands and hug.
3) "It has happened to me. And see me now"!- Your experiences are not my yardstick. Too bad you are a weakling. I am not.
4)" Treat all that happened as experience" - Fuck you! My experience is my hard work, my dignity and esteem. That I was used is not experience for me.
5) " You move out of the department and we will place you elsewhere" - Excuse me! I an the one violated. Why should I move out. The person who made me feel so has to move out.
6)" He had fatherly feeling for you. You must respect that" - Fuck you again. My father does not make me feel like this. Does yours?
7) " Don't forget he has got you here. He is your mentor: - Super! So I sell my body to him?
8) ' You are not raped. no? - No, I am not raped. I was not held down physically and raped. But I felt a larger sense of exploitation. Do you understand, you screwball?
9) "You took so long to complain, so while the going was good you had no problem"- YOU IDIOT! I need this job. I bore cos naturally I thought things will change, They did not,
10) "Lets move on. Every one has learned their lesson'-  YOU MORON! I don't want everyone to learn their lesson. I want corrective action. In ancient societies its called punishment.

Women, please, you are a part of a rapidly changing society . You are empowered. Victimhood does not suit you. You are a part of industrialization and economics,
Speak up against oppression.
In case you do not get help anywhere please write to


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