Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Queen Elizabeth cannot visit the Empire (she wears a hat)
Hilary Clinton cannot visit the Empire (she wears short skirts)
Merkel , Germany ( she wears short skirts)
Angelina Jolie definitely cannot

On the other side

Donald Trump can
Andaleeb (lady asking for separate Kashmir) can.
Most of the Taliban can
All the above are dressed properly

as per

a  new fatwa , in the Empire ,on the feathers we wear. The author of this fatwa is P Freud. And if all the members of the Empire follow this fatwa they will look like P Freud, Goldfish and Vapidity.

The fatwa lacks punch words like decorum and is more like the personal taste of an individual's clothes.
Did the Empire  need this? No!

The fatwa only has to take care of decorum. Decorum is relative.
The criminals normally wear a suit and tie not tattoo and stripes!

But the bird is beautiful. She will show off her plumage and fly high. She can do it because she does not live on the ground of the Empire.

Fly with the bird!


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