Saturday, May 7, 2016

To mothers and mothers!

Today is Mother's day. And the electronic media and print media is buzz with wishes. Fake and false!  Nine months and a lifelong role is a mother is back breaking.

For all the mothers from me:

1) take care of yourself. Sons and daughters and husbands go. You are eternal . You stay on.
2)never lose your feminity. Color your eyes with kohl , experiment with a new shade of lipstick .
3) invest in a hobby
4) have a house of your own
5)be in a position to earn money, always!
6) have friends of your own who you can talk to.
7) keep yourself fit. Fat is not done. It's unhealthy.
8) wear clothes of your choice. Damn them who judge. It's your body.
9)Say no to sex if you are tired or unwell.  
10)you'r stretch marks are your tattoo . Get another one if you want to.
11) remember when they have children they will think of you. May call you to take care of their kids. Be strong if you have to say no!
12) do not clutter your mind with useless and negative information. Learn to move away from swamps.
13)Don't fret to be included everywhere. You are better off where you are.
14) Secure your phones and laptops with passwords that only you can open. You also need privacy.
15) say no when you have to. Don't break your back by making your yeses happen.
16) and lastly you are Shakti. Strength . You can create and you can destroy .

Happy mother"s day!

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