Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Violations in the kingdom

And so everybody is trying to find their mojo in the kingdom. The Stick man and Ken seem to have settled into the depths of inefficiency.
Barbie is being tried by the courts. Tch Tch she must mend her ways.
However, I as the bird on the tree can see it all. The bird is friends with all.
P Freud is speaking a lot. P Freud does not realize the porosity of the kingdom. P Freud comes across as a start up venture!!!!!!!!! with a trustometer!!!!
Well, P Freud also violated....... P Freud showed salaries and proposed hike to Robot. And discussed issues of the same to Robot who has no stake in this. Salaries and proposed hikes are private and very personal, so God said!!!!
Robot was shocked however curiosity got better. And so now every one knows everything!!!!
Is this ethical in the banana republic???? I think P Freud has done the office it is holding a dishonor.
What can be the solution? No answer!!! The plot thickens!!!!!
P Freud needs a scotch tape, Robot may do the hatch job.
The slow steady wheels of the kingdom are moving at a snail's pace.
The Emperor seems to have also sobered. The bird wants to have a tete a tete with him.

Chirp Chirp I have to fly away. The dead bodies are rotting here.

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