Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Emperor and his foolish men!!!!

The Emperor sat on his throne. He was a nice man and a sharp thinker. However, he had surrounded himself with a bunch of fools, Barbie and Ken included.
The Emperor sat with his goblet and listened to his coterie. At times he was exasperated and at times he was amused. So the days went by......
One day, the Emperor decided to review the state of his kingdom with his brood of men and women. They rode to the outskirts. The Emperor of course had the fastest steed and the best tent. The others too had their own horses of course paid for by the workers of the state. Barbie and Ken were very happy and so was Mermaid.
When they reached the campsite, the Emperor realized that he had forgotten to carry his clothes. Barbie giggled nervously. Mermaid was disgusted. She was the moral keeper of the kingdom.
One or two wise men raised their hands in vain.
Then the colored man got an idea. He said, I know a tailor who will fit you with the best clothes.
The Emperor looked unsure for in his hearts he knew that colored man was a donkey however he bid him to go. Now the colored man was in a soup. He knew no tailor but he fibbed. Hoping that someone would offer their clothes to the Emperor.
The colored man gathered the Mermaid , Barbie, Ken , Giraffe and conferred. He confessed that he knew no tailor. And then the hoax.
Colored man got the Wheeler Dealer and said, Your highness, he has a talent . He also sews.
The Emperor got out of his clothes and stood without a stich. Wheeler Dealer pretended to fit him with clothes and everyone appreciated the weave and weft.
The Emperor looked down and said, I am naked
No you are not. The fabric is so fine that even you cannot see it!!!the colored man said.
The Emperor was happy. And so the mardi gras began, Barbie also waxed and waned stumbling and fluttering. Mermaid had no clue what she was doing in the kingdom. Ken did some useless activity that a laborer could do. The wise men were drowned in this useless activity.
The Bourgeois’ ate cakes that the peasants baked.
And then the Emperor mounted his steed and his troop theirs.
Barbie was still giggling.
Now who will tell the Emperor he has no clothes?????

Moral: Keep yourself physically fit, for you may sometimes have to be naked!!!!!!!!!!


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