Thursday, May 6, 2010

They grow and go!

I peered through the high cast iron gates to see my three old twins, Aaliyah and Aaria walk hand in hand to their class in school. They did not turn back. If they did they would have seen a proud mother albeit a teary eyed one. The distance from the gate to the class may not be more than a meter. For their tiny legs it may seem a long walk. And also considering the fact that most of the times the adults give in to their demand of carrying then and stopping when they like.

The young teacher standing at the gate said in a loud teacher- voice,’ Parents, please stay away from the gate. If your children see you, then they will start crying’.
Perhaps she does not understand that all the young ones are preparing for their flight. This is the first step and we watch with trepidation their trajectory.

I turned my back and walked away my thoughts stirred like the ripples created by the migratory birds in the lake near the school. They will soon go to the high school, and then to the university and then maybe to their first jobs. I will be waiting at the gates seeing their journey and praying that they go always together. And some person will be always admonishing me to go away because if they turn they will cry.

The twins paediatrician, a mild mannered Parsi, Dorab always tells me, ‘See, now they don’t cry. They are grown up girls. And sure enough, the doc does not frighten them any more. I look at them and I am wonder struck. Their tiny brains are comprehending this weird logic that we call our reality. I hold on tight to their hands resisting their pressure to break free from me and fall in line with my steps. I understand the dangers they do not. I work hard to make them realise the bad world.

And the day would come when they would introduce me to a man. The man they want to live with. And I am sure to ask a hundred questions forgetting about the rebellious ways I defied my parents. Their hands no longer little, would be adorned with henna designs and they would be holding the hands of their partners ready to step into a world of their own.
I would be still waiting at the gate and seeing their journey. If they turn back they would see a teary eyed mother.


sanju said...

very touching..reminded me of my own childhood.. time really flies.. life is just not enough.. :(

Arjun said...

WoWW !! that is really touching.. its a gift you'r able to express yourself so beautifully! Make them read this wen they grow up... its something that ll really amaze them! keep it up :)

Sheeba said...

Nice one.. Really touching....

Robin Mizell said...

I understand completely how you feel about your lovely daughters, Mini. You won't forget how you challenged your parents, and now you have a better understanding of how much they must have worried about raising you properly.