Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Taj Mumbai-the way I knew it

Dear Blog,
Shamiana, at the Taj hotel was one of our favourite places for a cup of tea and of all the things masala dosa. I liked the sambhar there. Even when friends would wax about the Matunga sambhar, I would think of the Taj sambhar.
When Aaliyah and Aaria were in my womb I had this craving to eat palak paneer and dosa. I waddled to the Shamiana. The kitchen was about to close but they humored my culinary eccentricity. I wonder whether that young man who had a twinkle in his eyes when he served me is alive.
CST is another place from where I used to board trains. 'I reached the station meant I was now safe with people buzzing around, beggars, security guards, hookers.
Now what is safe? Be alert Mumbai. Do not be embarrassed to ask the authorities to check anything suspicious. A vigilant city is the first step to deter terrorists.
Today walked down Mahapalika road(passed St Xavier, Cama and BMC). K has kalakhatta and I had 'zeera soda" at the stall next to Canon.
I can do all this-only in Bombay!

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