Monday, October 27, 2008

A noiseless Diwali

Dear Blog
The pollution is tough on Dad. Had a simple dinner of ghee/rice, gherkin stir fry and okra khichadi. Cut the gherkin into long pieces. Heat a tsp coconut oil in a pan. Splutter mustard seeds and fry curry leaves in the same oil. Add a cup of chopped gherkins into this and a little water. Close the pan with a lid. After a little while add some shredded coconut to it. And do not forget the salt. As simple as that. This is Aaliyah's favourite. She stuffs it in her mouth and walks around
Okra khichadi: Saute some okra in a pan. (the original recipe calls for frying. But I cannot get myself to do it.) Grind a little mustard and coconut and thick yogurt and add it to the sauteed okra. Temper with mustard and curry leaves. And the salt......of course.
Had yummy upma at Usha's place. Her leg is better. The twins had a great time.
Today I wish for:
a noiseless Diwali
a less smoky Diwali
a Diwali where the rupee is strong again (my rupee strongest)
a Diwali where my helps do not tell me,' is baar Diwali bin bulaye aagaya'
a creative Diwali
Wish you a happy Diwali,
Good night!

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