Saturday, July 7, 2007

'Stoned' at Zenzi

Saturday was the day when the weather could not make up its mind. It rained and then there was the sun in full regalia. K and I were wondering where to lunch. There were lots to discuss including my manuscript. A trip to Delhi was pending but the twins were still waking up at night.

K suggested Zenzi, a hip place at Waterfield road, Bandra (W). SO it was Zenzi.

We ordered a Tinto Verrano, the description read 'Red wine with lime fizz'. It was a bit of disappointment 'cos we could not feel the taste of wine. We ordered Tempura and Gado-Gado salad. The tempura was a bit greasy.

We decided to order Sula Cabarnet and the waiter got us two glasses. One sip and we knew that the wine was left open for a long time. The waiter filled our glasses with wine from a new bottle.

The discussion of the manuscript got our stomach growling and we ordered Masaman curry with coconut rice.

One spoon of the rice in my mouth and and I found a black stone, you know the type we find in uncleaned rice. Called the waiter, showed him the stone, he replaced with a larger portion of rice. And can you believe, I found another stone. K and I were disgusted!

I called the chef and an affable guy came with apologies. Later they got us plain rice wrongly thinking that the coconut in the rice was the culprit. And the chef sent us some 'fusion' tiramisu as his compliments.

The Q. Why does not restaurants like Zenzi ensure strict hygiene standards and why do they not have a guy/gal in charge who checks on the wine served?

With these Q we walked out to a hot sun!

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